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Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment

The first step to psychiatric mental health is evaluating and identifying your specific mental health needs and concern. From there, we work with you to create an effective treatment plan.

*Christina Green Only*

Medication Management

One of the most important parts of psychiatric treatment is finding the right medication that works for you. Our job is to help you find and manage the best possible treatment for your mental health needs.

*Christina Green Only*

Counseling Services

Our counseling team is here to help you work through the aspects of mental health that cannot be addressed through medicine. Please note that our counselors have their own links for scheduling appointments. Refer to the About page for more information.

*Bill Nichols and Penny Mitchell Only*

Virtual Visits

We know life can be unpredictable. For that reason, we offer the option for virtual visits, in addition to typical face-to-face sessions. We do, however, reserve the right to require in-person sessions on a case-by-case basis as well as for once-yearly follow-ups. 

*Available for all providers*

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